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Where do I play Words of Wonder?


Words of Wonder can be played on the following platform(s): Facebook, iOS, and Android.


To play Words of Wonder on the mobile platform, please download the FREE Words of Wonder game app on the Google Play Store for all Android devices, or the iTunes App Store for all iOS devices.





To play Words of Wonder on the Facebook platform, please go to www.facebook.com/wordsofwondergame and follow the steps to add the Words of Wonder Facebook game app to your account.




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How do I play Words of Wonder?


1. To play, click on the first level indicated by the #1 on the map.





2. Click the Play button to start the game.



Upon clicking the Play button, will be short tutorial that will show new players how to connect letters to make words in the game.


3. Simply click the first letter of a word and drag the mouse across letters to make a word!

4. Each level has a different objective which is listed on the left side of the screen.

5. Words of Wonder has boosts available to purchase with Gold for help with beating a level or getting the highest score!


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How do I create words in Words of Wonder?


To create a word, use your mouse or preferred cursor device.

Move your mouse pointer over a letter.

Click your left mouse button, and while holding the button down, drag your pointer over each letter you wish to use.

Release the mouse button when you have finished selecting your word.

*Please note that the words can not be created by typing with a keyboard.

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How do I mute or unmute the sound/music?


You can mute the sound or music by opening the settings menu (the down-arrow in the upper right corner) and click on one of the two following icons.



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How do I correct my view zoom in Words of Wonder?


The following steps can help you restore the game to its original size.

Simply right click anywhere in your game and choose Zoom In.

Then, right click again and choose Zoom Out.




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How do I go to Fullscreen mode in Words of Wonder?


You can enter full screen mode by opening the options menu in the upper right corner of the game.

Click on the 

*Please be advised that your game may run a bit slower when in full screen mode button.

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How do I unblock Words of Wonder on Facebook?


The game can be unblocked from the Privacy Settings page of Facebook. If you cannot play the game, have not received any error messages when attempting to load the game, and are confident that your account is not suspended or banned from the game for inappropriate conduct, you may have accidentally blocked our application. To unblock your game, please visit the link below and follow the instructions provided:

How do I block or unblock an app or game?


For more information, please visit Facebook's Help Center.

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How do I contact support for Words of Wonder?


If you have any issues with Words of Wonder, please visit our support website at http://support.rockyou.com

Mouse over the Support button at the top of the page and click on Words of Wonder.

You may be prompted to sign in to Facebook.

After signing in, select the "Get Help" button and enter a search term for your issue.

If your issue is not listed, click on the "Create Support Ticket" button and select the category for request.

Enter a brief subject line, description of the issue, attach any relevant screenshots, and send over the request when ready!


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Please login via the facebook window.
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